Ceremony for the Issuance of Macao Pataca Commemorative Notes

 for the 29th Olympic Games

Anselmo Teng

Monetary Authority of Macao

(13 July 2008)



The Honourable Tam Pak Yuen, Secretary for Economy and Finance,

The Honourable Gao Yan, Deputy Director, Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government,

The Honourable Lu Shumin, Special Envoy, Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

The Honourable Yuan Bin, Director, Department of Marketing Development, Beijing Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games,

The Honourable Zhang Yanling, Managing Director and Executive Vice-President, Bank of China,

The Honourable Zhou Boyuan, Director, China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation,

Ladies and Gentlemen,



First of all, allow me to welcome, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Monetary Authority of Macao, all guests who are present in the “Ceremony for the Issuance of Macao Pataca Commemorative Notes for the 29th Olympic Games” today.


It is less than a month before the kick-off of the Olympic Games to be held in Beijing.  Today we have another commemorable event which is closely connected with the Beijing Olympic Games in Macao following the Olympic Torch Relay on 3rd May.  Issued by the Bank of China Macao Branch, the commemorative notes will start its circulation today after the ceremony, under the witness of all guests present.


The Beijing Olympic Games is a century old dream which carries the hope of all Chinese.  The dream will realize on 8th August.  The Beijing Olympic Games slogan “one world, one dream” fully portrays that this is a meaningful event for all mankind.  To this end, the Bank of China issues new notes to commemorate this event and propagate the Olympic spirit and its conception which we fully endorse and appreciate.  I hereby congratulate the Bank of China on this special launch.


After its reversion to the Motherland in 1999, Macao has had candid care and invaluable support from the Central Government, covering all aspects such as the community, the economy and the livelihood of our citizens.  The communications between compatriots residing in the MSAR and on the Mainland are getting more frequent.  Such close contacts are not confined to athletic and cultural aspects.  At the same time, the synergy generated in the economic and financial domain appears to be even more obvious.  As the regulatory authority for financial and monetary affairs, we perceive deeply the progress when we have witnessed the marked development achieved by the financial sector, which is an important pillar of our economy.  Lately, the overall profit and assets quality of the banking industry has exhibited obvious enhancement.  The operating environment continues to improve which injects impetus for economic diversification. 


Bank of China Macao Branch is one of the two notes issuing banks in MSAR.  It has been proactively participating and promoting the financial and economic development of Macao.  Bank of China Macao Branch issues the new notes to commemorate the Beijing Olympic Games.  In this way, citizens of the MSAR are able to share the joys of hosting such a magnificent international event by the Motherland.  It also reflects the conception that the MSAR is in synchronization with the Olympics.  I do believe, the Macao Pataca Commemorative Notes for the 29th Olympic Games are of much value to collectors while its implied connotation far exceeds its face value. 


The Beijing Olympic Games which we have been longing for will come soon.  We would take this opportunity to express our best wishes to our Motherland for the success of the Beijing Olympic Games and the Special Olympics, the flying colours of our athletes and her power and achievement.


Thank you!