2012 Insurance Day


The Monetary Authority of Macao, the Macau Insurers’ Association, the Macau Insurance Agents and Brokers Association and the Federation of Macau Professional Insurance Intermediaries held the 2012 Insurance Day event on 09 December 2012 at Tap Seac Square. The theme of the event was “leading a happy life by adopting secure measures”, the goal of which was to promote safety awareness to the general public. Co-organisers of this event were the Hospital Kiang Wu, the Labour Affairs Bureau, the Transport Bureau, the Macau Red Cross and the Macau Institute of Financial Services.

Appreciation goes to the co-organisers for sharing their professional knowledge on topics such as healthcare, occupational safety and road safety. To tie in with the main theme, graphic exhibitions and game booths were set up as an entertaining way to convey the above issues. Representatives from the LifeCare Movement also attended to explain the mission and meaning of the Policy Donation Program.

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