The Board of Directors


  • Dr. Chan Sau San, Chairman
  • Ms. Lei Ho Ian
  • Mr. Vong Lap Fong
  • Ms. Lau Hang Kun
  • Dr. Veronica Kuan Evans


  1. To supervise all activities of the AMCM;
  2. To manage assets, by exercising general or special powers, particularly being able to acquire or dispose of assets, lease or take on lease of assets, and accept any lien or charge on those assets;
  3. To hire and manage human resources according to AMCM needs, the approved budget, and AMCM Personnel Regulations in particular regard to taking disciplinary actions;
  4. To represent the AMCM in and out of court to avow, compromise or withdraw in any disputes and engage in arbitrations;
  5. To collect income and authorise the disbursement of costs;
  6. To prepare and approve internal regulations and Personnel Regulations, and submit them to the Chief Executive for consent;
  7. To prepare and submit for the Chief Executive's approval, dedicated accounting methods, regulations on the AMCM's Staff Provident Fund, dedicated regulations on the car fleet, the annual activity plan, operating and investment budgets and revisions thereof, as well as the annual reports and accounts;
  8. To submit the annual accounts to the Commission of Audit for audit purpose according to the law;
  9. To ensure the guidance, coordination and implementation of the internal audit to AMCM activities;
  10. To issue opinions on all the matters pertaining to AMCM functions;
  11. To take any other actions required for the regular operation of the AMCM and for the performance of its functions.

Former Members of the Board of Directors

Carlos Alberto Samora Bitoque Vargas Mogo01.Jan.198030.Jul.1981
José António Iglésias da Silva Tomás18.Sep.198115.Mar.1985
Mário Dúlio de Oliveira Negrão29.Oct.198131.Oct.1983
José Manuel Rodrigues de Jesus Toscano09.Nov.198230.Jun.1987
José António de Freitas Mariguesa29.Sep.198328.Sep.1987
Manuel Alcindo Antunes Frasquilho20.Jun.198519.Jun.1989
Jorge Manuel de Carvalho Pereira08.Sep.198210.Jun.1990
Vítor Augusto Brinquete Bento9.Jul.198508.Aug.1989
António Gregório José Luís15.Sep.198518.Sep.1989
Cristiano Afonso de Oliveira Domingues08.May198925.Dec.1990
Lourenço Maria da Conceição01.Sep.198931.Aug.1991
José Mira Coelho Borreicho03.Jul.199002.Jul.1992
José Carlos Rodrigues Nunes03.Jul.199031.Oct.1996
Maria Manuela Morgado Santiago Baptista18.Nov.199618.Aug.1999
Luís Manuel Bastos Quintaneiro26.Aug.199925.Aug.2001
António dos Santos Ramos12.May199331.Aug.2000
António Maria Ho13.Abr.200012.Abr.2003
Rufino de Fátima Ramos1.Sep.200031.Aug.2004
António Félix Pontes3.Jul.199015.Aug.2015
Wan Sin Long1.Sep.200431.Aug.2016
Teng Lin Seng26.Aug.199925.Aug.2017
Maria Luísa Man16.Aug.201531.Dec.2017
Ng Man Seong26.Aug.201725.Aug.2019
Vong Sin Man11.Jun.201805.Apr.2022

Audit Committee


  • Mr. Leonel Alberto Alves, Chairman
  • Ms. Lam Bun Jong
  • Mr. Cheang Chi Keong


  1. To monitor the operation of the AMCM and supervise the observance of applicable laws and regulations;
  2. To examine accounting records and watch over the implementation of the budget, and obtain the information required for the monitoring of the management;
  3. To examine and check books, records and documents as well as any kind of valuables, whenever it deems necessary or appropriate;
  4. To express opinions on any matters delivered to it by the supervisory authority or by the Board of Directors;
  5. To issue its opinions on annual reports and accounts of the AMCM, the Motor Vehicle and Marine Guarantee Fund, the AMCM's Staff Provident Fund, and other funds subject to AMCM management;
  6. To issue its opinions on reports and accounts of the representative body, administrative committee, liquidation committee, and liquidator appointed by the Chief Executive to intervene in or to liquidate credit institutions, insurance companies and other entities subject to AMCM supervision, according to the applicable legislation;
  7. To compile and submit to the supervisory authority an annual report on its activity;
  8. To perform other specific tasks, not incompatible with its statutory functions and related to the AMCM, under the request by the supervisory authority.

Former Members of Audit Committee

Hernâni Machado Duarte12.May199331.Jul.1999
Paul Tse Fan1.Jul.198913.Jul.2000
Sylvia Isabel Jacques1.Sep.199913.Jul.2000

Advisory Concil


  • Dr. Chan Sau San, Chairman
  • Ms. Lei Ho Ian
  • Mr. Vong Lap Fong
  • Ms. Lau Hang Kun
  • Dr. Veronica Kuan Evans
  • Mr. Leonel Alberto Alves
  • Mr. Li Guang
  • Mr. Zhou Shijun
  • Mr. Carlos Manuel Sobral Cid da Costa Álvares


To issue its opinions on guidelines of the monetary, financial and exchange-rate policies and of supervision of the money, financial, foreign-exchange and insurance markets, as well as on the annual activity plan of the AMCM.

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