Main Regulations Chinese Portuguese English
Macau Financial System Act
(Decree-Law no. 32/93/M, 5 July 1993) /files/banking_sector/rules_and_guideline/main_regulations/dl_32_93_m_eng.pdf
Merger and Division of Financial and Insurance Institutions
(Law no. 3/95/M, 13 March 1995)
Use of Local Currency
(Decree-Law no. 16/95/M, 3 April 1995)
Foreign Exchange Regime
(Decree-Law no. 39/97/M, 18 September 1997)
Finance Companies
(Decree-Law no. 15/83/M, 26 February 1983) /files/banking_sector/rules_and_guideline/main_regulations/en_lw_15_83.pdf
Conservation of Documents of Financial Entities Excluding those pertaining to Insurance Sector
(Administrative Regulation no. 7/2003)
Deposit Protection - Deposit Protection Regime
(Law no. 9/2012, 9 July 2012)
Deposit Protection - Compensation Limit of Deposit Protection Regime and Deposit Protection Fund
(Administrative Regulation no. 23/2012, 8 October 2012)
(Administrative Regulation no. 24/2012, 8 October 2012)

* The English version is for reference only. The Chinese and Portuguese versions are the official version

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