Compulsory Professional Liability Insurance for Healthcare Providers
As stipulated under the provisions of Article 36 of the “Legal Regime of Medical Malpractice” (Law No. 5/2016) which shall come into effect on 26th February, 2017, healthcare providers need to buy the professional liability insurance in accordance with the terms and conditions, restrictions and sums as defined under the Administrative Regulation.

Effective Date
The Administrative Regulation on “Compulsory Professional Liability Insurance for Healthcare Providers” and the related Executive Orders shall become effective on 26th February, 2017.

As the objective of the ‘Legal Regime of Medical Malpractice” is to protect both healthcare providers and patients, the supplementary “Compulsory Professional Liability Insurance for Healthcare Providers” is to further reinforce the execution of the abovementioned Law and to ensure that healthcare providers have the minimum protection under the compulsory liability insurance.

Persons subject to Compulsory Insurance
Any natural person or legal person in accordance with the requirements of Article 4 of the Law No. 5/2016 has the obligation to buy the insurance. In simple terms, all licensed healthcare providers are required to buy the compulsory insurance.

Scope of Cover
The scope of cover include the medical incidents as referred under Article 3 of the Law No. 5/2016, that is, loss resulting from any claim or claims made against the healthcare providers, resulting exclusively from violation of medical and health regulations, guidelines, professional code of ethics, professional knowledge or normal conduct of healthcare services provisions, from acts or omissions resulting in bodily injury or mental injury of any patient;

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