Online registration for the subscription of 2023 Year of the Rabbit commemorative coins and Lunar Year Commemorative Coin Collector Box (2020-2031) starting next Monday

August 12th, 2022

The Monetary Authority of Macao (AMCM) will be launching 2023 Year of the Rabbit commemorative coins and online registration for the subscription will start on next Monday (15 August 2022).  At the same time, the Lunar New Year Commemorative Coin Collector Box (2020-2031) will be launched for citizens who are interested in collecting a total of 12 pieces of 1 oz Silver Proof coins of the current series.

The obverse design of 2023 Year of the Rabbit commemorative coins features the outline of the Chinese Zodiac sign, portrayed with a vibrant display of the distinctive Portuguese-inspired patterned tiles.  The reverse design features a World Heritage Site of Macao in a side angle perspective presentation, sculpted in the latest angular high relief minting technique.  The Year of the Rabbit commemorative coins comprise a 1 oz and a 5 oz Silver Proof coin as well as a 0.5 oz Gold Proof coin.  The selling price of the coins is MOP1,230, MOP7,200 and MOP15,000 respectively.

The collector box is designed with a violet inner coin book packed in a silver outer box. The cover is stamped in silver and pink hot stamping with the logo of AMCM and the pattern of lotus flower representing Macao.  The inner coin book can be displayed either horizontally or vertically.  The selling price of each collector box is MOP 530.

Holders of Macao SAR resident identity card, and who are aged 18 or above, can register online for subscription of the said coins and collector box via AMCM webpage ( from 9:00am on 15 August 2022 until 6:00pm on 2 September 2022.  During the mentioned period, a service counter will be set up at the lobby of AMCM to provide registration service for those who require assistance.

Each subscriber can only conduct a single subscription.  In the event of oversubscription, the allotment for each type of commemorative coins will be determined by computer balloting.  Ballot results will be communicated via SMS messages on 8 September 2022.  Subscribers can also browse the ballot results on AMCM webpage from that day onwards.  Meanwhile, the collector box is considered as a confirmed purchase after completion of subscription and no computer balloting is required.

Successful subscribers or their representatives should make the full payment for the allocated commemorative coins or collector box (if any) between 13 September and 30 September 2022, through BNU online banking or at Banco Nacional Ultramarino, S.A., by bringing along the photocopy of the Macao SAR resident identity card of the successful subscribers.  It is expected that the commemorative coins and collector box will be available for pick-up starting from first quarter of 2023 onwards.

For further details relating to the online registration and subscription procedures, please refer to our webpage or call 28565071 / 28565072.  Also, citizens who are interested to purchase the 1 oz Silver Proof coins or other types of coins of the 2020 Rat, 2021 Ox and 2022 Tiger Lunar Year that were previously launched by AMCM, may visit the Philatelic Shop of the General Post Office located at Largo do Senado.  As supply of the coins is limited, please contact the General Post Office Philatelic shop for more information (Tel.: 83968513).

Attached photo: Online registration for the subscription of 2023 Year of the Rabbit commemorative coins and Lunar Year Commemorative Coin Collector Box (2020-2031) starting next Monday.

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